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To provide access to state accreditation to all law enforcement agencies through professional standards representing best practices in contemporary policing. 

Mission Statement


AccredNet is a federation of state law enforcement accreditation entities, which provides guidance, advocacy and support to advance law enforcement accreditation at the state level and promote excellence in policing through standards that reflect state and national professional best practices.  



AccredNet was formed in 1999 as a means to coordinate and share existing state resources that promote the professionalism of law enforcement agencies at the local level. The directors and managers of statewide law enforcement accreditation programs come together annually for peer group discussions and professional presentations that promote the integrity of the police function and to exchange program management practices.

AccredNet ensures the accountability of its own members through the detailed analysis and review of each state’s accreditation process. This examination of all statewide accreditation programs brings decades of experience to bear and results in an unprecedented and independent assessment of individual accreditation programs.

Contemporary trends in law enforcement are dynamic and critical to the success of any agency’s ability to provide an effective law enforcement response for the community they serve. The networking of AccredNet members is vital to help ensure 

each state is maintaining focus on ever-changing trends and laws, while efficiently responding to the needs of law enforcement employees and our communities. 

AccredNet grows each year as more and more states understand the importance of identifying specific statewide alternatives for the accreditation of law enforcement agencies. Insurers of law enforcement agencies are eager to support risk management programs and staying in touch with the response strategies from other AccredNet members allows a proven platform for local implementation of various best practice standards. 

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